Conocimiento para el desarrollo sustentable, equitativo y soberano
Conocimiento para el desarrollo sustentable, equitativo y soberano


Dear Colleagues,

It is a pleasure for us to invite you to participate in the XXXII Argentinian Meeting of Plant Physiology (RAFV) and the XV Latin American Congress of Plant Physiology that will be held in the City of Córdoba, Argentina, from November 11 to 15, 2018.

The Argentinian Meeting of Plant Physiology (RAFV) and the Latin American Congress of Plant Physiology are organized biennially by the Argentinian Society of Plant Physiology, bringing together the local and regional scientific community (South America), with the aim of promoting, exchanging and disseminating scientific advances within the different areas, which make up the discipline of Plant Physiology. Researchers, professionals, technicians and students related to the discipline will enjoy a high level scientific program. It will be covering the state of the art and recent discoveries of the main areas of plant growth, development and productivity, and the interaction with the environment in a context of global climate change, which generates increasingly stressful conditions for both agricultural and natural systems.

RAFV meetings intend to integrate the study of plant physiology at different approaches, covering processes at the molecular, biochemical, physiological and ecophysiological levels. Likewise, we would like to encourage the integration of the public scientific-academic sector with the private research and development, and with the productive sector.

We expect approximately 500 participants, including researchers, postdocs, doctorate and graduate students, technicians and producers, coming from different regions of Argentina and Latin American countries.

Another goal for the RAFV 2018 is the foundation of the Ibero-Latin-American Society of Plant Physiology, and therefore we count with the presence of representatives/delegates from the Brazilian Society of Plant Physiology, Spanish Society of Plant Physiology, Portuguese Society of Plant Physiology and Chilean Society of Plant Physiology.

The City of Córdoba is characterized by its historical colonial cultural heritage, home of one of the oldest universities in Latin America, and a place of socio-political events that changed the historical course of the country and the region, such as the University Reform of 1918 and the “Cordobazo” in 1969. Likewise, Córdoba has a delightful weather and a paradisiacal mountain environment with rivers and lakes close to the city.

Looking forward meeting you at the XXXII Meeting of Plant Physiology in Argentina!


Dr. Fabricio Cassan                               Dr. Ramiro Lascano
President                                              Vice-President